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“The soup MBT Shoes blog line, you don’t always Sin so wordy! you are again! Oh know know better, I now really-just ordinary Qin sheng!, no money and no taste, swift will not soothe girl, I like that kind of guy! we’ve said is a friend, you may rely on it. I’m not telling you, I’ll consider it, but you also want to continue to help me, please don’t tell my dad and I live with a man. Otherwise he’ll get me home, I don’t want to go back and see that Fox. ” Suddenly a sound, that is my fantasy heart burst into pieces.

My hand cheap MBT Shoes made plastic bags of clothing, food, frozen pile where ear repeated with one word: “Qin Sheng then normal, no money and no taste, swift will not soothe girl, I like that kind of guy!” now I wake up, Ho-Chi past my home away, just because she didn’t want to go see her stepmother. But in the room, he continues to speak on the phone. “Rest assured, I’m tempted too Qin sheng, he is quite decent. I’ve been tricked into his cell phone, cell phone numbers of all, he’s nothing shady friends, so he must also bad. I often wear Pajamas I walk in front of him, he never told me what.”

But MBT Shoes for today, overheard what Megan and soup conversation I almost take why Megan really like me. I’m still planning a silly for her birthday from her courtship, or forget it himself. What are the advantages of distance is fooling themselves. In this love story, no matter how close from the main female character, no matter how high the appearance rate are not available because from the outset has been doomed, I’m just a supporting role. All of the stories, the Princess and the Prince are together, even if occasionally a Princess frog, the frog chosen must also be a Prince. Only the Cinderella pursuit of Prince, that is the classic fairy tale. If a gun’s pursuit of Princess, it would be a joke.

Ho-Chi just live in the same Lake in the frog and the Swan, although close to Berlin, has a completely different life atmosphere. I’m not stupid enough to believe what, like my story! what Megan got off the phone out of the room and saw I twist the plastic bag and standing in the doorway, ran the fame of directly asked me: “boss, bought a good dish? is there a sweet and sour pork ribs?” it looks like she thought I just got home, do not know what I’ve heard her talking on the phone.

“Of course. “I managed to squeeze out a smile, eyes, hands in the phone. “You just talking on the telephone? and?” and I tried to do a free way to ask her. “Soup. the little maid tossing upon her mattress is increasingly nagging, each time the phone told me is that so much, it is, nothing new, I’m afraid of her. are all girls have a boyfriend will become so fresh, so I do not find what boyfriend!” she said that I must be implied that she still does not want to make a boyfriend, let me take her long dispelling the cheap MBT Shoescourtship.

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