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Volume II Chapter XVII is really strange,
Sword is good, but mbt shoes cheap now only studied three strategies, you can not learn the full range of swordsmanship. In the moonlight, mbt shoes cheap just repeat repeat with the three measures, though, that most mysterious treasure for a sword in the other recorded the most easy to learn and the sword is the power of smaller. To rivers and lakes on the sword for now, this shock thirteen cloud sword style is one of the top, which is why mbt shoes cheap only ponder the reasons for the three measures, which just pondering the meaning of the three measures, and did not practice very skilled, so a little worse with the heat.
This repeated a dozen times with three measures is now mbt shoes cheap feeling with each repeat are not the same as the subtle, techniques and moves a little bit different, just the right angle as long as there is a little different, to be resorted to the sword not the same type, the power is different. He is now the experience over and over again the joy of the find the correspondence, find the correspondence among the people immersed in.
Scold only to hear the clear sound mbt shoes cheap drink, and the hands of the sword flick, Huanchu filled the ying. Jianying also covered in this view of man when a lightning Jianguang as shaking from his breakthrough, up to a dozen husbands Jianguang split on the lake. The lake seems to have as the same entity jianpi into two and a half, and the lake filled sky, a full ten ten feet high, together with the fall of the lake, or to bring up the fish and shrimp.
Can not believe this powerful look at the find the correspondence, this trick is the thirteen-type shock in the third cloud type, cloud Shu days. Previous practice, he never thought the dark clouds on the power of Shu is so great. Can split a lake six feet wide, ten feet long more than a dozen, more than ten feet deep waterway,UGG Roxy Tall Boots, so the power, mbt shoes cheap how could not think, do not dare to think. Although the power of sword with a shock, can also greatly actually beyond his material.
Stand blankly in the water,uggs, falling water is to wet thoroughly he has, by this surprised the mbt shoes cheap air a vent, sink to the lake. mbt shoes cheap the water excellent, the water only to between his chest, but his head is down entrenched a fish and a shrimp to the child. If the little guy to see it to these two sites to account for the small things, that she might be swallowed them live to eat.
Soon Qing Xiao,ugg boots for girls, mbt shoes cheap leaps from the lake, away from the lake about four Wuzhang high, then a wonderful turning point, Luexiang the shore of the grass. That wonderful action, if it is to wear a long skirt, do not hesitate so much that people will think that is a fairy. James is not really like the mundane world of the fairies, Ling Wu Libo.

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